Just another FlynnsBlogs site


Okay, I think I’m finished tweaking the appearance/layout of my self-hosted site here at instead of myFlynnsPaws site at

I’ve modeled the general appearance/layout after for the header and footer, both of which show a “linear” format containing the same navigation menu, which surprisingly is stable.

In the past few months since inception on/around April 2022 this year, I was having a difficult time adding and creating menus. Everything so far seem much better using the WordPress Version 6.0.2 instead of the free stuff.

Unfortunately, my free stuff site has my other domains, which nobody visits anyways because there are tons of sites that are NOT censored.

I was thinking of transferring all my other domains under a main host site and then yeet those mirrors sites, which I have NOT yet envisioned on how to repurpose.

So last night, I edited my Twatter profile to show my location AND the main/primary weblog site.

Also, last night, I installed a “lite” app version for stats insight reporting and linked that stuff to my Google analytics. So far it’s only showing zero, nada, zilch, none.

Whatever. I’ll continue to show blog and rant here. In the past I was a prick about stats and was addicted to the health of my weblog by forcing readings to “read more” on excerpts of no more than 25 words.

Now I’ve decided – what the heck – I’ll show the full blog post entries on the feed instead of being a scrooge of only showing excerpts or snippets of my incoming thoughts.

That’s all for now. FlynnsPaws.