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Welp, I do NOT know WTF I’m doing with this self-hosted site!

It’s bare bones – no plug-ins and no extra do-hickeys found had I stayed with the free platform where I thought the happiness engineers would be helpful!

Either way does NOT make sense or matter unto moi! I give up!

I clicked on my PHP Admin. Lo and behold I can see stuff from the year 2009! I do NOT know if this wpcomstaging version is just a test run to see if I understand SQL, PHP and the like!

Nope! I don’t have the patience! That’s why I’ll continue to complain and whine that TPTB and nefarious palz are giving us these damned junk technology.

All I envisioned was having my files ready to transfer and upload into my site! But I can see NO SFTP credentials whatsoever on the self-hosted site!

I managed to connect but NOT transfer. So that’s why I gave up trying to work with this website host. I should try a different host to see if all this clutter can go away!

I’m NOT gonna even try to read those damned online documentations. When I do NOT see the process does NOT appear on my site or just simply does NOT match up with the instructions, that means it’s a NO good and NO go.

I wanted to try blogging with only HTML but I can’t see to figure that out yet! I really don’t care for the layout or extra plug-ins or overly exaggerated efforts of features that I do NOT need or use!

So I give up! I don’t care for blogging or following or reading or listening to stuff online! Earlier the lights wanted to flicker off during our late supper on/about 2000 pm local time. I was in the middle of warming up the food.

That’s why if I really wanna go off-grid: That’s impossible, because I’ve invested and wasted too much on you damn thieves giving us false hopes and ruined dreams and freakishly junk technology that does NOTHING for the soul!

It’s only eye candy or ear pufferies! I’ve had it! I’ll let everything expire and stop paying into this charade! No more free-handouts or donations to nowhere because I’m going nowhere with his blog entry, too!

Phooey on y’all! The app for phone is limited for the self-host but VERY well-supported for the free version!

That’s all. FlynnsPaws. 🖕🏼 🖕🏼 🖕🏼