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Unfortunately, I am NOT sure if this feature is NOT for self-hosted sites or meant specifically for sites.

Because it’s asking which of my sites to select or visit my self-hosted site, which only shows the front page! This means that I do NOT know what I’m doing wrong!

Once again, I defected/transferred out my original domain from back to my original host, just to reinstate the countless email address aliases, one of which received an email to reset the password today.

I’m assuming the other domain email aliases were thankfully updated earlier this year AND prior to the defection; when I transferred out my domain from my host provider into (and then back again to the my host provider, of course).

So while I have the wpcomstaging where I used to have my original domain, I don’t know if I should update the rest; since that Biblical project took too much time!

These self-hosted sites are really for professionals, businesses and NOT a personal blogger like me, who just wanted security features and stats updates, both of which the Jetpack app kinda sorta fulfills for us self-hosted bloggers.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.

P.S. Oh, hark! I just received an error banner atop my post page: “Updating failed. You are probably offline.” Wow! What do I do now: hire a web master, eh?

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