Annoying but I’ll have to wait

20221118-1342. Since we are ALL sinners and NOT worthy to gain entrance to our heavenly abode while stuck on this prison planet, reality is NOT perfect!

Now I have four domains that I like: “me”, “paws”, “angels” and “verses”. That’s annoying.

The “verses” and “me” domains are live. The “verses” domain is a static front home landing page showing off the Featured Images to the 66 King James Bible “books”. I worked on that site last night rather quickly. I had to re-plug the broken or missing links to ensure that it’s pointing to my “verses” domain.

The “angels” AND “paws” are still MINE – all mine! These two boogers are still pending and I must meditate on how to repurpose my long-lost domains.

My feed reader is stuck for my most recent/latest “me” posts from three days ago! That’s annoying.

The chatting support team is okay but still annoying!

I had to connect my “me” domain again because, like I said, I paid for nine years already – so basically this domain MUST be my primary site address, until I get yeeted like everyone else whose number will come up sooner or later!

See? Wait! I’m blogging using the Classic Editor mode, which features the word count. I should keep my words within 140 to 160 maximum to avoid boring my invisible audience.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws. This blog went over the 160 maximum word count. Sheesh!




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