• My spacesuit

    What is one thing you would change about yourself?

    20221205-1055. While I would like to count my blessings, my current spacesuit does NOT suit unto moi!

    I’ve been blessed to live and experience this harsh world for at least one earth human cycle. That’s a given. If I had a choice, I would have walked to be beautiful and have lots of friends!

    However, my current spacesuit was damaged at birth: I’ve gotten those Scottish Folds (ears), bow-legs, hairiness, flat-faced, pumpkin head, tone deafness, potty moth, temper tantrums, dense thoughts, reckless spending, disrespect for authority, and contempt of court. (I failed to address Your Honor to a presiding judge. My bad! So dumb! 🤣)

    That’s all. Flynn’s 🐾. FlynnsPaws.