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Half title

Flynn’s Blogs

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Frontispiece Behold!

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Title page

Flynn’s Blogs

Deep Thoughts via a Simple Mind

My Daily Blog – In My Own Words

First Revised Edition

With a foreword by Imaginary Friend.

Fluffy & Flynn

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Fluffy & Flynn

San Francisco Bay Area

San Jose, CA

Copyright © Flynn’s Blogs (or Fluffy von der Flynn or FVDF). All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the `copyright owner`.

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Published in the United States of America.

First Edition: May 2007

Library of Progress Kittyloging-in-Publication Data

von der Flynn, Fluffy

Flynn’s Blogs — daily thoughts from a simple mind.

Includes Index.

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1. Title.

FB445 1201 X68 2007


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Dedicated to anyone reading Flynn`s Blogs, to the removal of illusions that promote fear mongering and scare tactics and keep us apart from the one true Love – `God` and to all warriors who have loved and lost.

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Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.

(Unknown, but often attributed to Albert Camus)

Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.

(Japanese proverb)

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Table of contents

  1. Pages from my Daily Journal
  1. My Egoistic Services
  1. Daily Rantings and Ravings

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List of illustrations

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List of tables

  • List of categories (4) : Prose, News, Spam, Verse
  • List of topics :
    • Culture and Art (10) : anime, astrology, books, humor, music, mythology, paintings, parody, photos, videos.
    • Health (1) : health.
    • History/events ( 8 ) : 9/11, holidays, indoors, military, news, shopping, outdoors, wars.
    • Natural/physical science (17) : animals, astronomy, birds, chemtrails, clouds, earthquakes, environment, food, geology, insects, nature, plants, science, spiders, sun, trees, weather.
    • Philosophy (13) : death, dimension, emotions, esoteric, evolution, life, paradox, philosophy, rant, rave, romance, sexuality, unity.
    • Relationships (9) : divorce, elderly, family, friends, marriage, people, personal, relationships, relatives.
    • Religion (3) : faith, god, religion.
    • Society/social science (15) : business, copyright, elections, finance, government, immigration, legal, police, politics, privacy, society, tax, voting, work.
    • Technology/applied science (11) : aircrafts, automobiles, energy, mining, nuclear, oil, orgone, orgonite, phones, television, zapper.
    • Computers (25) : blogging, chatting, codes, colors, computers, CSS, custom characters, dashboard, emails, fonts, forums, header, html, images, internet, pages, sidebars, tags, themes, websites, widgets, WordPress, Yahoo!, Yahoo! 360, YouTube.
    • Weird stuff (4) : agents, aliens, conspiracy, paranormal.
  • List of poetry styles (110) : abecedarian, acrostic, Burns Stanza, canzonetta, Christ-in-a-Rhyme, CinqTroisDecaLa Rhyme, clarity pyramid, clerihew, complex alliterisen, constanza, couplet, dalit, decantara, decastitch, diamante, diatelle, diminished hexaverse, diona, dodoitsu, double tetractys, elegy, epitaph, epulaeryu, essence, etheree, Fibonacci Sequence, five W’s, ghazal, haiku, Harrisham Rhyme, heroic respetto, huit et huit, huitan, Italian octaves, Jeffreys Sonnet, kyrielle, kyrielle sonnet, La’libertas, lai, lanturne, lento, Licentia, limerick, luc bat, lune, lyrics, Memento, mini-monoverse, minute poetry, modified cinquain, monchielle, monotetra, Musette, naani, nonet, Nove Otto, Octelle, octet, oddquain, parallelism membrorum, petrarchan sonnet, Pleiades, quartet, quatern, quatrain, quintain, quintina, quinzaine, rictameter, rime couee, rispetto, Robert Burns, rondeau, rondel, rondelay, rondine, roundel, roundelay, rubaiyat, sedoka, senryu, septet, septilla, septolet, sestet, sextilla, sijo, soliloquy, sonnet, sonnetina quarto, strambotto, synchronicity, tanaga, tanka, tercet, terza rima, than-bauk, trijan refrain, triolet, triquatrain, trois-par-huit, tyburn, villanelle, villonnet, virelai nouveau, virelai nouveau moreem, Wrapped Refrain, ZaniLa Rhyme.

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Creativity is alive and has always been within us. While the ordinary blogger is free to rant and rave about anything and all that may or may not have happened, the storyteller in actuality reports on nothing but the sensational or out of the ordinary and tries to make something out of nothing at all. A blog is pretty much useless as another mundane day filled with the boredom and when all the description posted is based on chronological or hierarchical order.

A poet, on the other hand, does the same as prose writers but with more flair and spontaneity driven by the eight basic emotions the instant an inspiration arrives by thought. This is where the distinction being nothing to something could wage an eternal battle of composing one masterpiece of sometimes sheer madness while forming yet other monsters to a much larger puzzle of other truths — truths that only the mind of the creator would ever confirm exists.

The very person with the voice of a poet, eyes of a photographer, hands of a gardener and the ears of a musician may well be examples of creators in the making. And through the mind a deified genius, creating nothing to something that is all things conceivably possible is next to impossible without feedback from other sources not originating from the current observer’s point of views.

What may be beautiful for some may be horrible to another. The interpretation of any writing, whether prose or poetry, is challenging because noone could possibly be capable of dissecting any hard work with complete certainty and figuring out what the person meant in the first the place.

If this page makes sense, then bless you all. If you love reading thus far, then bless us both. Whatever happens to each blogger is fair game because each person should be recognized for unique talents and inherent qualities of sharing their written gifts to the world.

Bloggers should not have to feel isolated or left alone in their own worlds and by their own devices. The world is waiting more from those who have a part in the creative process of journal entries. However, this is not place for numbers. Or is it? I am not counting. Are you?

Imaginary Friend (Monday, 05/29/2007)

Author’s note: Oh come on! Why can’t the author write her own foreword?

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Welcome: This is yet another attempt at creating a weblog in a more organized layout. I have discontinued posting my blogs under other free services online due to the limitations of certain features, which I find more viable in under this WordPress.com account. This weblog is currently under construction and I am continually updating areas for readability. Please be sure to check back occasionally for any updates.

The primary function of Flynn’s Blogs is to post my daily events as remembered with the following purposes:

  • To find others like myself, define differences and redefine my reality by sharing samples of my creative writing and poetry about my personal experiences, opinions and belief systems.
  • To allow readers a discovery of self — an inward journey by creating new beginnings together as an outward understanding of human evolution.

My personal success has been a remarkable ability to overcome the impediment of verbally expressing myself in person through publishing online journals in private. I thank the people around me at work for allowing me the flexible hours online, at home for loving me for who I am now and online for connecting me to the realm of possibilities. Without their continued concern for my goals in the future, blogging this much would not have been made possible.

Although I have not improved much in the interpersonal relationship area or assertiveness, the tireless hours of online activity has allowed me to become more open to the public. The contribution of my creative work to the blogging community has not earned any recognition or represented any group except myself and I have learned a great deal about myself and the imaginary reaction from others whom I may never meet in person.

The opportunity to post as much as I want without the hate of being misunderstood, the fear of not being seen or heard or the loneliness of being perfect without a cause on a weblog is like the greatest friend this blogger could ever have in a lifetime.

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First, I would like to thank myself for being up this late in the hours of night and trying to acknowledge any and all that may have crossed my path in this current lifetime. This would be next to impossible since each person, animal, plant, mineral and the undefined way, shape or form is and has been already part me and as I to them. This is basically a unified concept of how one’s actions, words, thoughts, and deeds affect others, whether knowingly or not. By thanking myself, I thank the Creator for allowing me to exist at this moment in time and space, to express these aspects of my various realities here and now and to share my simple world going forward.

Second is my family. These are my parents who have also created me from birth and walked me through my growing years and into adulthood. They understand and love me with kindness and patience regardless of my limitation to reciprocate to their expectations of love. My brother is also a blessing in disguise despite my ongoing battle to contain the jealousy of having a competitor for affections and attentions from our parental units. Together, they create a bond that keeps me whole, well rounded and spoiled. My experiences with them provide good blogging material, too.

The third is the warriors who have loved and lost. These gifted folks continue to play a vital role in my awakening. After having participated on an online chatting session in their forum, I’ve started my online journals (or blogs) on Valentine’s Day of February 14, 2006. This day not only marked a pagan celebration among kindred hearts but the acceptance of both the love to earn my place on this planet and the victory to overcome my many challenges in this lifetime. I have been inspired to write my memoirs in this manner. Here is a poem dedicated to the warriors.

There are countless others from parakeets to relatives who made their way into my blogs. But gifting folks from this particular grass root movement of healing the planet have brought tears to my eyes by reading books, copters over my house by planting CB and gangs from every walk of life by annoying me, especially at work. These examples show the unified efforts of boosting by sending love with loads of fun. The success continues as humanity fully awakens and raises its awareness. And the signs and symbols of synchronicity are but other expressions of these events entered daily as blogging materials.

Other noteworthy mention is the ones who have sought my help. These are strangers whom I have never met. My encounters with them are unexplainable yet for some reason I have no real fear of them really. But maybe my curiosity invited them to allow for communication. They have found me nonetheless and I have no idea how these events are possible. They too have caused much confusion, noise, and sometimes utter nonsense. But my mind continues to validate their existence through my blogs. There is no comparison in words to describe who or what they are or how and why they chose to be with me.

Finally, I want to thank someone special for taking the time to be true. Who or what that entity may be is left up to my readers.

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This short introduction is basically about me, my surroundings and everything else unexplainable through poetry and blogs. Since my friends are limited to my family of two parental units and four parakeets at home and friends too stressed out or ‘busy’ at work, I’ve decided blogging would be a great way to let the world know that I’m perfectly content indoors near a window overlooking the backyard and the tall trees.

I’d sit on this white lawn chair with a foam cushion purchased from a local fabric store. The feeling is not too comfortable, and I’d find myself shaking and stretching my legs to keep the blood circulating. Sometimes I do not notice the enormous time of sitting down is for almost another half day.

The only time I would get up is to use the toilet, drink my water from this three-gallon jar filled for $0.25 a gallon afterwards or walk around a bit downstairs, eat something and to let my parents and the parakeets know I’m still alive. I hardly talk to them anymore after being tired from work and all too eager to start blogging upstairs.

My eyes would be focused in front of this fifteen-inch computer monitor from years ago and is still good though small. Every once in awhile I’d look outdoors to see the birds flying around, the winds whipping the tree branches or myself at the mirrors to my right side. I would make funny faces, wave my arms in the air and look at my body getting fat from this sedentary activity of blogging.

Using my fingers and hands are essential. Besides the usefulness of scratching parts of myself, this blogger needs her fingers to navigate around the website. I do not feel tired as my thoughts continue to provide ongoing streams of blogging material. This never seems to end since this is like playing the piano, which I have since retired myself from practicing.

Instead of the loud noises from this stringed instrument, I’d hear the humming sounds of the fans installed by my brother. This is supposed to make my computer cooler, but the rhythmic sounds are somewhat bothersome but tolerable amidst the noise of my typing on the keyboard. Other sounds are my parents who come upstairs, knock on the wall or holler at me to come downstairs.

This small world of mine is preoccupied with blogging for the meantime. I’ve learned so much about creating a weblog with this free service. Despite some limitations with getting my fonts and font size perfect, I may decide to pay for web hosting or a domain name. The next step is programming my website and that would make me a ‘Goshdarnit!’

I guess this ‘Something went wrong – 503 error’ means I’m doing too much for the server’s own good. Thank goodness the last paragraph above has been saved! Thanks Matt! Allelujah! Amen.

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20080819-Soft Spoken

Soft spoken is she; while working alone.
An angel watches an EMO atone.

‘Peace on Earth. Good will to Men.’
Thoughts without pencil, paper or pen:
Keyboard computer, wordstation den;

Typing and tapping and clicking all day.
The sun is shining! Come out and play!
Alas! The rare birds flying never stray.

From the straight path of love and light.
Season of goodness and snow-filled white;
Melting the matrix of moon shine’s night.

By ‘what to think’ of humor and fun.

This ‘brain police’ and her brother sun.
Life’s a journey, we’ve just begun.

A writer’s block and ranter’s rave.
Blogging upon life’s surfing wave!

Front matter