Completed rebuilding my bible project

20221110-1024. I completed rebuilding my King James Bible project, which includes 66 “books” and 31,103 “verses” along with their landing pages called “books” and “verses”, respectively. This was done by using the Excel spreadsheet and my favorite CSV importer plugin, which worked VERY smoothly as I tried to increase the number of rows from 2,000 to 3,500.

However, after previewing the pages from my smartphone, I fixed and lined-up the HTML hard-pause coded text and would delete the previous contents and copy and paste special value and then upload XLSX file to be saved as a CSV file four times!

When I previewed my bible pages from my smartphone, the hand-crafted HTML coded text for the Page Jump link (which doubles as the “post_title”) and the two links labeled “BACK” and “NEXT” wrapped over to the next line!

So I edited the default (Page) template and place the Word of GOD atop everything else and removed the header and post_title, leaving the footer.

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