Duplicate post_id during exporting-importing

20221015-1255. OMG! I wanna wipe out my site completely clean and start all over again! I’ve been trying to export and import as between sites as part of my mirror and/or backup efforts!

But I noticed many pages are duplicates of each other! Since my KJV bible random verse generator project is over, I can’t really do much or care to ensure the accuracy of the CSV files that I found online to make this project possible!

I’m trying to recreate how this stuff happened. I may have to export the files and then ask the team to yeet everything; since I’ve been trying out the PRO upgraded plan!

I’ll have to stop trying to make things work MY way because, like I mentioned online time and time again, that my decisions and hard core choices in life are turning into puddles of mud and my brain cells are turning into putty, meaning I’m indecisive due to relying on my parents for MOST of my life, deferring MAJOR actions to THEM since THEY are to be respected as elders, who NEXT in line to GOD mode. Get it?

So if the podcaster misunderstood my thoughts, then he’s out too. I’ve given many humanized male species many chances and when enough is enough, I’ll just choose to ignore and mark my blackest of darkest book off and burn it into the eternal flames for musing, which is all I could do until the next victim, err, subject matter presents itself as yet another distraction, challenge, obstacle, or whatever.

So here goes: Hey, wait a minute! For Site Tools under the General Settings, I only have the Delete your site permanently! WTF? I’m confused! What happened to Change your site address, Delete your content, etc?

Now I noticed this post is still picking up the long post numbers from my other site! I give up.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.




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