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Erased iPads

20220922-2228. I am now settling down for the evening and in much need of a shower after suffering for three days! Supper was served and I ate twice my portion because I did NOT want the food to spoil.

So after discovering a change in one app and chatting about my feedbacks, I had an “inspiration”, which would be my usual “incoming thoughts”.

During the chatting session, the app support wondered if I was chatting from the same affected device, which is true.

So hours after that happened, the “inspiration” was that I needed to change my password, which I did for two devices successfully.

However for my two iPads, I had difficulty signing into my account with the new password. I tried to reinstall everything but did that twice because I saw that my original/first/yeeted login account was showing up for these two iPads and NOT the new/second/current login account.

I took lots of screenshots and photos for keepsakes, err, later review because I want to make sure something jives/stuff syncs.

And so that happened for the most part of my day and I did NOT take a nap. As a matter of fact of was over-heating from trying to do LOTS of house choirs!

What? Flynn does stuff indoors? Yes, idiots and so should y’all! Let’s see. Today is “trash can day” for tomorrow’s pickup. So while I was chatting with the app support or rather doing somethings that I forgot, I had to cook our usual tuna casserole dish.

Y’all see, I bought too many cans of tune with plain water and I need to double up the portions for over a span of six months! That’s how we “save” so others can eat.

My elderly father insists that we eat three times a day, but I skip breakfast and mused this evening while washing dishes that I probably could just eat one meal a day.

After three days of fasting with liquid and electrolyte powder and coffee with half-and-half creamer, I can finally feel my ribcage. I figured that my body parts are wearing down and too slow to process my good eatings!

That’s why y’all will see thin/skinny humanz: it’s because THEY Live by NOT eating! I’m human and I love eating. I have NOT weighed myself but will probably gain back the pounds after a failed mission.

My urine was more concentrated, meaning I was dehydrated from lack of extra moisture derived from eating SOLID food versus drinking only liquid diet and for the fact that I could be pain in my muscles as my body switches to eat itself alive, which is NOT good because of my Rx which does the same to prevent my veins from clotting, err, clogging.

Unfortunately, like I said, I lost my sense of taste, sense of smell, and overall enjoyment/satisfaction of eating HUGE portions. I’m just forcing myself to eat because of my elderly father who insists we still eat together at our dining room table as a family!

So y’all see, my situation is all because of others and NOT if I want, need or care about whatever y’all can’t pull though. I repeated myself about needing to care about myself as the podcaster seemed to have mirrored this particulate content. See? My foggy-brained memories still seem to function somewhat nominally.

So that’s how it is. Computers, cooking, cleaning, vacuuming ants, pooping, and sleeping. Everything else is extra credit, secular stuff. I’m only doing stuff online because that’s all I have to keep from going insane as I avoid socializing with the vaxxed zomdroids. But if I remove the aforementioned stuff above, then I’m stopping cold turkey and will be free!

That’s all. FlynnsPaws

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