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Escalating stuff

20220922-1422. I just ended a chat for an online support, which I forgot about using for hardware and software issues!

I found out by searching online, seeing an Apple Community thread, and then the support page.

I refuse a phone call because I needed to see the documentations while live-streaming.

I answered the questions and mirrored (copied and pasted) whatever I saw: hardware and software versions.

I replied using keywords such as “escalation” and “safety” because I needed an “extra-layer” of security to view each app in case someone else knows how to log into my devices.

See? Being paranoid and a concerned subject can provide job opportunities for engineers, developers and the like.

That’s why censorship, while necessary to restrain the REAL devils, should NOT be all used all across the board.

There are legitimate complaints online and that’s why I whine online! See? Duh!

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