Get to know the WordPress app – All takes complete!

20221005-1854. Wow! That was a bumpy ride! After less than one month of signing up for my VERY first self-hosted site, I finally logged into my WordPress mobile app account correctly a few minutes ago!

Step 1. Check your site stats. keep up to date on your site’s performance.

Step 2. Check your notifications. Get real time updates from your pocket.

Step 3. View your site. Preview your site to see what your visitors will see.

Step 4. Upload photos or videos. Bring media straight from your device or camera to your site.

Step 5. Use discover to find it sites and tags. Try selecting settings to add topics you like.

Congrats! Your know your way around. Doesn’t it feel good to cross things off the list?

See? Voila! This would probably the first blog entry done from my self-hosted site using the WordPress mobile app which I securely logged into using my credentials and security authentication physical key!

However, I was able to login quickly using my connected account from my desktop computer without using a physical security key and other authentication.

That’s why I was afraid of using this self-hosted site because of fatal error messages received on my site.

Per email sent today on/about 1548 pm, “since WordPress 5.2, there is a built-in feature that detects when a plug-in or theme causes a fatal error on your site, and notifies you with this automated mail.”

“In this case, WordPress caught an error with one of your plug-ins, Jetpack,” which happens to be version 11.4.

I was so stressed out about security because I was having difficulty connecting Jetpack to my WordPress account. And now that I hand the correct recovery mode link, which will expire in one day, I feel better now!

I’m happy with the free version and since I’m already on a PRO plan with, I may upgrade Jetpack with later on.

But since I’m NOT in the PRO business of profiting from my opinionated rants and raves. I’ll just blog simply.

And since it’s too stressful to fully manage a self-hosted site (being only less than one month into this platform and, although there are dedicated managers, who can build and maintain web site), I’m still trying to learn how far I can go beyond blogging by words!

Yup. I’ll try posting this blog now.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.




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