Giants acting like somebody special

20221007-2051. Well, we just finished supper and my elderly father shared with me the old story about a Filipino actor by the name of Ramon Ravilla. If it’s true that actor and politicians are reptilians, Nephilims, or hybrids and the like, then I may be correct about my perception of my cousin Janet and her Cavite mommy Gloria, whose mother is the sister of this actor.

See? And while wiping the table and afterwards vacuuming up my stray black hairs upon the tiled floor, I recall that Janet may have been abused and tortured with these faith healers or in Filipino “hee-loot”, meaning hands-on massage on the body to clear out bad spirits and the like.

I told my dad if he recalled an incident in Gloria’s house when my cousin Janet will a child. I recall she was wearing a nice doll-like dress. Suddenly, her parents, my uncle Junior and his wife Gloria, along with a couple of these “faith healers” pulled Janet into a room and closed the door.

We stood outside the door stunned as we heard Janet scream her head off. I imagined that THEY were just massaging her back really hard, because she told me once that she recalls everything.

Like I said, she is or NOT now a lawyer or attorney and was really a Vice Dean of legal department in her alma mater (since I snooped online long ago and told Gloria who was shocked that I knew, assuming NONE of our relatives knew-and THEY still don’t!)

Also, I can vouchsafe that she is my cousin. Look at her entire back: it sports some vertical Filipino writing which Janet claims spells out our surname! I took one photo for my archives.

The general shape of her entire back tattoo is that of the https/// (or icthys) or per Google Translation in Latin to English as: Fish Bladder (or someone’s initials – FB)!!!

Inside this feminine “intersection” contains our supposed surname, which is a bunch of brainwashing hooey of my cousin Janet! I kid y’all NOT!

So like her giant ancestry or whatnots, THEY abuse and torture their own kinds! And so whosoever or whatever she believed, she got that freakishly HUGE tattoo – and probably to ward off “bad spirits”. Wow.

Just saying that this is my recollected stuff that has been coming to surface recently and haunting my personalized experiences as a humanized female! My GOD! I am surrounded by devils!

That’s all! FlynnsPaws.




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