Has tweaked six sites! Yay!

20221001-1224. Happy October! It’s sunny AND cold! I love it!

Anyways, this morning I awoke early, used the toilet, drank a glass of water, got dressed and was ready to tweak my blogs! I just now finished tweaking six sites!

One is this primary site good for ten years (renewed ahead of time). The other five are mirrors showing my prized Randomized King James Bible verses. I have NOT yet tested if this stuff still works after tweaking the sites.

All five sites contain its own 66 books and something like 31,106 verses. Only FlynnsBlogs.com remains as the only site without these files and is linked up to FlynnsAngels.com

All five sites use the Blank Canvas theme by team Automattic but in different colors. This site uses the Seedlet (Blocks) theme by team Automattic.

Once again, I had to revert back to a more minimal and stable theme due to yesterdays offline errors; since I’m NOT really managing stuff like web masters.

I had to remove the embedded stuff because it’s NOT showing up on the front/homepage feed.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.




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