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Hosanna! Give praise to Our GOD!

20220921-1125. Amen! Amen! Amen! I say unto y’all! All praise and All thanksgiving unto Our Heavenly Father.

I’ve glanced to my left due South 180 degrees out my bedroom window, just past the light-diffusing curtains, that the skies are dimmer with BLUE and some clouds, just like yesterday and the past few days!

Oh, yeah! I forgot to thank You for sending a bit of rain over the weekend. I finally could smell rain after many years! That was probably after I ranted or prayed that I don’t see or smell any rain, which happened at night twice.

Then as expected the rains stopped. The rains used to come during this season. The downpours used to last a few days, then just a few hours, and then just VERY lightly at night.

I can see on our local weather map how the South Bay is dry. On older maps, I could see that my area is mostly gray from the asphalt, cement, and lack of trees, which could be seen mostly in neighborhoods located west of my city.

I was bemusing that perhaps the radiation frequency waves are burning off the moisture. Thus, there’s the lack of rain; though I’ve learned that there’s probably water below ground level somewhere. It’s just we’ve been conditioned to think above ground.

But I digress as I can observe how fair well the surroundings based on trees and birbs and insects which no longer dwells in my area, except the flying hornets or yellow jackets or whatever with their nest underneath our patio.

So it’s until sunset tomorrow. I see. I feel like I should dust and vacuum some more. That’s all. FlynnsPaws.

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