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Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

20220921-1038. Yesterday was interesting as I set about to move TWO huge furniture despite numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers and feet and toes, more o the left wrist bone from snowboarding falls over 20 years ago. Never did recover.

So I was lying down the whole time. Earlier that morning my elderly father wanted to visit the graves and walk outdoors. But I hollered that I did NOT want to go out. But I didn’t tell him until mumbling during his lunchtime that I was NOT hungry: this is true because I lost sense of taste, loss of appetite, and pretty much there was NO stomach pain from hunger!

I did NOT think about the proper description to him but mumbled under my breath and then louder something about ketosis or keto diet. I’ve never gone without any sort of grub and this is fine! I can do this: but since I-AM NOT a medical expert, this is by no means medical advise, especially if y’all have medical conditions, such as diabetes, of course.

But on/about 1800 pm my local time, I got up and was inspired:- the same word used by our favorite messenger with regards to the word “birb”, which he probably does NOT realize has been “meme” for quite awhile and sometime earlier this that I discovered mentioned countless time online.

I made this decision because I had the energy and like I said inspiration AND due to the fact that I needed to dust and vacuum up spider webs!

And the first HUGE furniture was the China cabinet, which I unloaded containing OLD, gold-like trimmed dishes (matching plates and cup) and other porcelain-like dishes and gold-like trimmed drinking glasses.

Thank goodness for furniture moving disks or pads for the legs. I had to remove two tempered-glass shelves to lighted the move! I vacuumed and dusted and transferred back the contents BUT stored the daily dishes inside the pantry so as NOT to overload the wooden floor of the living room.

Then the next lighter furniture was the tall book case. I unloaded the military year books, children’s books from our childhood, recipe books, and Britannica encyclopedias (the Junior red version and the adult black version)-at least fifteen volumes each. This went into the family room which contains the old Singer sewing machine and the old Kimball upright piano.

Now the dining room entertainment area contains my Casio electric piano and my microphone stand, along with the standard cable television/DVR device. I had to place the King-sized wooden headboard which does NOT look good my two Twin extra-long twin adjustable beds. The second bed is free for whoever. Yup.

So now I’m in pain mostly in my fingers and now my neck/should areas. I had to traction my back/spine while lying in bed and constantly adjusted my lower extremities. My ankle and feet and toes managed to take the load, thanks in part to my thick special marathon running socks.

The rest of me is okay. But I felt dehydrated yesterday and felt one of my foot cramp up:- this is signal unto moi that I must replenish my fluids. So I immediately opened/ingested two powered packets into my water, which helped. I only drank mostly water besides this electrolyte treatment: I did NOT want to have a heart attack or pass out. I know if I see tunnel vision/circular darkness engulf my vision, my sugar is low.

Yeah, thank you to Our Heavenly Father. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

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