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Hosanna in the highest!

20220921-1102. So today is partly sunny with mostly clouds just like yesterday! I love cooler temperature as I was born in the winter of the same month just like Nick the eldest son. Duh.

I awoke feeling sore and just now 20220921-1105 told my father that tomorrow would be my last ketosis or keto diet. I told him I took mostly water yesterday with two emergency electrolyte powered packs.

Today I took medium roast coffee with grass-fed half-half milk. This morning about three hours ago, I felt the first hunger pangs of pain in my stomach but for some reason that sensation did NOT last long!

I know I can do this. I noticed that if I don’t consume some sort of energy-derived sustenance, I would feel bodily pain which I’m experiencing right now. I rationalized that I can do this until tomorrow, which is the third day.

I’ve never done this and had an incoming thought to try fasting every Friday or is that every Saturday. I’m observing that I could probably feel some rib bones through my FATNESS! Yes, I’m proud to be FAT!

I was told to lose weight by my doctor but without medication to help, I’m genetically doomed/predisposed to have a HUGE appetite and enjoy meals.

It’s the bottom of my feet all my life that have given me limited mobility. Everything above my feet seems normal functioning. It’s the foundation that needs to be strengthen as are the core spiritual values to focus mainly on Our Heavenly Father.

Unfortunately, with our experiences to reincarnate as humanz, being a sinner is no fun: addicted to ego, food, and all sort of secular vices imaginable, like lighting colorful candles, pointing my athame knife in any direction, and mumbling incoherent prayers probably to fallen angels.

Now I know better than dabbling to the unknown but without the bloody stuff. It’s all about repentance of ego: to experience hunger, to stop practicing New Aged rituals, offerings, sacrifices, and to begin anew with the Almighty by knowing by heart and reading daily the Bible.

This is: “The Covenant (Episode 21) which was yeeted but downloaded thankfully by moi within thirty minutes of receiving the email yesterday on/about 1523pm.

I’m NOT sure if this was a mass email as I’m curious if that was the case, then I’m wondering if I’m the only one who received it or NOT and if that podcaster and the other guy are the one and same as he continues to mention similar themes about chemtrails and vaccines.

Just saying and wonder. That’s all. FlynnsPaws.

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