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I want my OLD domain back!


So I’ve been checking the whois website and it showed that my favorite OLD domain has been expired since 20220902-T1831 whatever.

But according to the forum topic, I learned that the “the registrar to release the domain for purchase again”. Gosh darn it!

I just had NO direction and could NOT repurpose my blogs, which are mostly rants.

I’m learning about the parts or components of a domain:

  • Protocol (https for secured and http for unsecured)
  • Subdomain (with or without www. or something else, like blog. or admin. or sales.)
  • Top-level domain or generic top-level domains gTLDs (like flynnspaws which is mine!)
  • Country code top-level domains or ccTLDS (like .us, .fr, .art or .me which is all about ME!)

The domain that I wanted is my gTLD followed by .com.

But for some reason it’s stuck over at the located of China or Singapore.

So if y’all see any activity from the .com version, that’s NOT unto moi but THEM!

If the registrar would kindly release it, I’ve been pumping WordPress to search of that domain, which still comes up as “already registered”.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.

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