Let the chiggers attack the blues

20221014-1934. So I’ve been sending “messages” to my favorite podcaster, like I said, who sounds similar to someone from my imagination!

I forgot to include how feeling pissed off brings on the chiggers. When I get upset, I have to blog!

How would you like it when someone from my imagination keeps striking out? I was trying to save HUGE bucks by emailing along a suggestion which was refused!

And so make me more pissed off, I was being duped by spiritual gurus, senseis, senpais, sifus, whatever, thinking of rewards, of salvations, of redemptions, of forgiveness.

NOT so Flynn, NOT so! For a while in the past few days, my left earhole was itchy, which could possibly mean that others are talking about moi!

And so the term/word “chiggers” came into my small mind. Y’all can read about this critter via https///en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trombiculidae.

Earlier, I saw a black spider on the wall to my shower stall. I immediately gathered my tools of a plastic cup and a thin piece of paperboard for my “Spider Rescue Mission”.

Captured and release. That’s was a mission accomplished. But I just dumped the critter on my backyard lawn and saw that it landed on its back. Maybe next time I should let it crawl out slowly. Such trauma! I told y’all humanz are mindless/careless idiots!

Yeah, so those who irritates unto moi are like “chigger”. Y’all are riling up my “chiggers”! Now begone!

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.




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