More angels than paws

20221027-1404. See? Voila! I have finished (not really) tweaking my “angels” blog site by customizing the navigation menus for ALL my static pages! The “angels” site was a predecessor to my various “paws” sites.

I have also included in the footer ONLY the four important static pages: Home (showing the front or landing page), Blog (for my lates posts blog entries), Pages (for the OLD pages about me, this site, and my ministry (of sarcasm and humor, really. Sorry.)

The header features ONLY the site logo, which models the Twatter site showing its birdie site icon. I used to include the site tagline but have changed it to its shorten version per usual: Just another FlynnsBlogs site. I’ve changed one of the pages to mirror whatever I’ve entered into the Front Page (Web) Meta Description: “Your source for metaphorical inspiration & spiritual realization. Read your King James Bible verses now!Free-writing about personal & random stuff since 2006. ”

I have modeled the front home landing page after the Twatter site with my stylized birdie facing right located on the left column and with my bible quote above the two buttons below located on the right column.

So last night, I further tweaked the “paws” site to include my biblical project containing ONLY the 66 static book pages instead of the 31,103 static verse pages for the randomizer. I tried to import these 31,103 verses from the “angels” site into the “paws” site, but the system got VERY angry unto moi! See? These system glitches and errors are flagging unto moi – to knock it off and leave these sites alone; for it’s okay for now!

I still have my “paws” blog site but that is already giving me difficulties because I toggled on a toolbar menu feature and NOW my stats are recording my own visit, even AFTER toggling off this damned Jetpack feature.

The “paws” site is probably best suited for “static pages”. So I won’t be blogging there anymore until I make sure that my countless customized email aliases connected with my domain is finalized and probably for one year and as I continue to reset all the email preferences for my online accounts.

So I’ll keep both as I’ve finished the RAW biblical project taken from a CSV file from somewhere online. I do NOT care to ensure accuracy as this is my personal black bible book was praying to rebuke, command, banish, and bind demons, basically.

So that’s it for now. I’ll continue to pay my monthly charges for the self-hosted paws site which features my favorite external blogroll links and probably will let my PRO downgrade to a Personal plan, which at least removes the advertisements and allows me to use the angels domain.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.




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