My homepage similar to Twitter login page

20221026-1816. Per my incoming thought today while busy doing house chores and preparing lunch, I was inspired and parroted my homepage to Twitter login page!

Since I already have the business paid/upgrade PRO plan here and my predecessor domain was and has been the birdie, I decided to combine my rants and raves (dark side of blogging) and my praise and thanksgiving (light side of worshipping) here!

I purchased my first site logo from and I am using that on my self-hosted site. Since I have full control of that site logo, I decided to borrow an image and flip the birdie facing the left side to the right side, just like Twitter!

At that time, months ago, I had no reason whatsoever that I should mimic that vile platform and its censorship witches of conservatives, truthers, and other red-winged political platforms, mostly.

But amazingly enough, JUST TODAY, I made that weird connection: that perhaps the creative design over at probably was or is the same one that designed the Twitter birdie! I’m just assuming: Do NOT doubt unto moi and my observations!

Anyways, I kept forcing one theme to do my bidding unsuccessfully, switched to other themes which gave me errors, meaning that its legacy is probably NOT compatible or about to be retires, and then finally arrived at this Green Quadrat by team Automattic.

Like I said, I wanted something dark as the background and kept choosing black. But for whatever reason, that color seems too common and drab and the light fonts shined too brightly at night for my eyeballs while reading my Biblical verses.

I also like the “earth” or warm tones of brown and green – the two colors that I thought were the “foundation” or “basic” colors for any attires during my childhood. And yes, I wore corduroy slacks.

Lo and behold, I found (and went back to) this theme that had the warms of green background and peach fonts! I think I like it! And I demand my readers to like it too or else I’m gonna hold my breath and wonder why NOT?

Yeah, so my homepage is similar to the Twitter landing page. I had liked the Pattern called “Quote” for a few months, NOT knowing what “page” to put it on. I also like my “reversed” birdie AND the Psalms verse together side-by-side. So y’all better check it out or else I’m gonna hold my breath again and wonder why NOT?

Then a few hours ago, I sampled (and still have the web page up) the Twitter login page! See? Voila! I now have my birdie on the left with its “caption” below the image, and a random (or probably fixed) Biblical quote from another verse generator site online somewhere. And then like Twitter, I have my “buttons” – one for blogs (the bad stuff) and one for verses (the good stuff).

That’s my “meat and potatoes” that my favorite podcaster has recently mentioned on his doom and gloom news account for over ten or whatever years and outta pocket too! Which remind unto moi, that I am trying my best NOT to read other blogs that have affected my emotions. So far, I keep failing as my turn around time has been no more than 48 to 72 hours! But I think I’m getting better as I kept clearing out my web browser history AND whatever cookies have been left behind.

Yeah, so the CSV importer plug-in is VERY simple; yet I’ve noticed that it gets VERY angry at me for NOT plugging in the correct values, I have yet to discover how to import the correct page_templates, because each time I switch themes, the previous stuff gets knocked off.

I studied or rather inspected the source for each webpage but I still can-NOT figure out the “codes”. So y’all are pissing me off and asking the technical support team of engineers won’t help because I asked one smuck already and it/they/them didn’t know what I was talking about. So I stopped asking y’all for help as I realized that the answers were already “there” but I just couldn’t see it because my new prescription eyeglasses don’t work well up close! So I’m always squinted. Y’all are pissing me off, seriously!

Back to the theme, I learned this theme is good for blogs and podcasts, which I thought would be a neat exercise to add to this site – soon, maybe, or not, but I am inspired because of my favorite podcaster, who remains the voiceless face of doom and gloom news.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.




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