Playback speed 1.5 times faster

20221015-0639. Recently, I’m beginning to enjoy listening to audio files but mainly podcasts of a particular faceless voice who sounds awfully similar in certain topics from our favorite daily messenger.

But due to my VERY impatient nature, and I do this for when reading books or novels or for doing house chores such as cooking and cleaning, I like to SPEED THING UP.

Wrap it up! That’s what I would expect during any conversation. And when waiting in the car or for when eating meals, too, fifteen minutes is my last resort final answer. I can’t drag myself to attend parties because that’s the same as being alone in the house, except there’s more noise, distractions, humanz, and other differences upon dirt.

Yup enjoyment on pieces of dirt. Resorts, water parks, lodgings, y’all name it. Structures built upon dirt for pleasures and entertainment.

Stop to move things shopping rather speedily, my preferred playback speed for videos going on BitChute, Rumble, and YouTube, is at 1.5 times the normal 1x speed!

I still could understand the speech with the closed captioning turned on for reading words. But I don’t think there closed captioning can translate fast enough!

Yeah so I still can hear my favorite podcaster whose speech pattern is drawn out slow enough to understand but fast enough to finish the same message which sounds like a normal speech pattern anyways but only faster and not squeaky like a chipmunk.

That’s all. Flynnspaws.




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