Rebuilding my biblical project

20221109-1006. I’m trying to rebuilt my biblical project under my self-hosted “paws” site; since nobody views or visits my beautiful rainbow sherbet theme! But now I’m getting bored with the style – topography, color and layout. I’m still blogging with inspirational daily and/or word prompts to keep the site “active”.

The XML file importer fails to work. I tested the importing of the recent XML files for both posts and pages. None of the posts would import. Only the 67 KJV pages imported! Interesting.

The support team replied to my email and THEY/THEM Live to find nothing wrong from their end. And of course THEY/THEM provided, y’all guess it, a link to the online documentation. We’re all on our own! Nobody can help us! Do y’all know why your prayers do NOT work? You have the freewill to mess up anything! That’s why!

So that leaves me with the option to keep the “paws” AND the “angels” site until I can merge the “verses” site into one big messy blog rants and bible reading site! That’s why my tagline for the “angels” site says: Your source for spiriatulity and rants. After all there are intermediaries – the hierarchy up above humanity who are then allowed the freewill to mess or fix things up. Your choice.

So yeah, the self-hosted “paws” site does NOT have the Gutenberg block features! And so it is: I discovered how to line up the BACK link to the NEXT link with the Page Jump links in between the two links! Oh, howdy-do! I’ll be having fun creating beautiful pages – by the thousands.

Stay tuned as I attempt to upload, then export, and the import my pages wherever it is meant to go. The “text” or hard-code HTML version is by far easier to upload as there is the Classic version that is cleaner and less clutter than the “wp” blocks.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.




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