Scary unknown fear factors!

20220927-1923. My usual off-topic rants NOT reflecting opinions of YouTube creators. Duh!

Why are back rooms so scary?

I-AM well-versed on this psychological operational stuff to brainwash myself with horror, scary shows!

Like STFN and his ongoing and annoying narrative for the urgency to prepare with: Shields up, Scotty! Aye! Aye! Captain Kirk!

Listen, boys and girls! I too know nothing about the human brain or how the minds come up with this imaginary stuff along with fear of the unknowns!

All I can tell y’all the red flag is when intelligence agents used the key word: “urgent” or “urgency”. It’s almost like THEY/THEM Live to Jack off and then giggle in the way home!

With regards to the shields, last night I listened to the STFN podcast via Telegram. And because I kept thinking WTF: have y’all forgotten about Agent Orange sprayed over Vietnam during that war? There’s no shield for that one, correct? Duh!

Yeah so anyways back to The Backroom video games. I do NOT like it – NOT because of the yellow pea green soup colored walls or buzzing background noises, but because my brain fail to calculate the first person perspective of moving forward uncontrollably.

In other words, it’s the feeling I would get as a passenger in a moving vehicle AND bring control of the motion sickness! That’s what I do NOT like about The Backroom.

However, the fear of being trapped or surprised by monsters is ingrained into our instinct as children with wild imaginations.

I was just telling my dad that when I speak into the Dictaphone or microphone of the cell phone, the translation would be transcribed into written words for reading. That’s all. FlynnsPaws. 20220927-1942.




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