Site changes, offline and energy

20221017-1823. Awoke from my mid-afternoon nap as my broken heart continues to race for the past few days and probably due to consumptions of caffeinated coffee of spiced pumpkin flavor!

I got up, drank a full glass of water, closed the horizontal wooden blinds, refilled the parakeet reptile dish with dry seeds, laid back down to rest, and accepted invitation to join private blog.

It seems that the site is changing and going offline due to lots of time and energy, and probably due to being evicted a few days ago.

Whatever happened, I’ll be there for y’all, I guess, somehow, somewhere, someday. Huh.

I guess my heart pills aren’t working as my heart jogs in a marathon race while resting. I may be yeeted pretty soon for disobeying and refusing to be a positive role model and such, having done all that I could possibly do.

Whatever. That’s all. FlynnPaws.





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