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  • Downpour while outdoors and indoors

    20221102-2315. Today i got my adjustments and feel better. I had three more sessions and only two more until next week. I feel like i need this once in a while but it’s not worth it due to certain staff techniques and duration of less than five minutes against the same cost that used take […]

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  • Site changes, offline and energy

    20221017-1823. Awoke from my mid-afternoon nap as my broken heart continues to race for the past few days and probably due to consumptions of caffeinated coffee of spiced pumpkin flavor! I got up, drank a full glass of water, closed the horizontal wooden blinds, refilled the parakeet reptile dish with dry seeds, laid back down […]

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  • Rewinding from backups. Clouds!

    20220927-1817. I do NOT know what I was thinking but I should NOT have touched the folders for backup! So it’s taking over a few days to “restore to an earlier time”! Thank goodness for paying premium for just this occurrences. Like I already mentioned, if all else fails, then factory reset, which I did […]

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