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The Daily Messenger: My Power out for a full day and smart meters

20220921-1153. Well, that was NOT nice of THEM. I know THEY have done other stuff unto moi as THEY do unto others.

In hindsight, I would expect most persons to be prepared to say the least. I have candles, some matches and that’s about it. The rest are either powered by batteries or by electricity which is possible by petrol-powered machines!

Frankly, I’m getting tired of doing this blogging stuff online because nobody seems to care. I understand that some rely on online stuff as a source of income.

So by NOT having food, gas, electricity and the like, this forces a reflection of dire times by PURE EVIL. This world is so vast that targeting on individual to go without essentials is just PURE EVIL.

I rebuke and command and bind y’all to stop it, now, because that bothers unto moi when one soul has to endure and suffer such unfairness and injustice for all. What would happen to those whose medical condition relies on electricity? Think well, you bunch of murderers!

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.

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