Trying story post nope

20221017-2056. So I’m trying Story Post instead of Blog Post.

Unfortunately it wants to access my Camera and my Microphone! So I allowed the WordPress app for iOS to access both stuff.

Then I can see the camera pop up! The point of view is straight away and ahead! The reverse is my selfie!

I do NOT care for sharing my selfish selfie to be publicized and criticized! Plus, it’s a matter of privacy against facial recognition software.

Plus, there’s nothing exciting to look at considering nobody wants to adopt moi! See? Huh!

So the Story Blog feature won’t work for me. I’ll just stick to Blog Post instead, just text and no audio or video.

I’m still wondering how podcast works! I’ll try that on my phone. I never tried podcasting and I’m inspired by my favorite podcaster who sounds awfully similar on scary topics.

That’s all. Flynns Paws.




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