Vaccine, 5G – bad


20221015-1626. THEY are trying to force us to eat bugs/insects and to own nothing; spraying us like bugs; and expect us to line up to get vaccinated multiple times.

This is truly a doom and gloom porn or all sorts and I’m beginning to think that if y’all allow such really bad stuff to manifest, then we deserve such fate as humanity is destined towards extinction if y’all do NOT resist!

Anyways, today if beautiful and Mister Sunshine is brings forth its cool white rays. The day is cooler and I love cooler temperatures!

I awoke late a few minutes prior to noontime! My elderly father said I was snoring about one hour earlier. I would normally respond: I do NOT recall (just like during those hearings/trials/whatever back in the GWB eras).

I was having heart palpitations due to drinking twice the strength and more than two cups of coffee! I could NOT sleep as I was wide awake and viewing YouTube videos while lying down in bed!

I read online somewhere that some genetics/DNA simply cannot eliminate from caffeine fast enough from their bodies. And so the caffeine stays in the bodies longer than 24 hours, which was what happened unto moi as heart palpitations and insomnia.

Yeah, so while I’d like to believe in military-grade directed energy waves upon deserving targeted individuals who are conservatives and participants on any Alex Jones sites, such as myself after having bought my late mother unit a black T-shirt for fun, I would deign opted-outta having come across these noise makers of scare tactics and fear mongers.

Nonetheless, being prepared with shielding (aka armor of GOD) would NOT hurt and knowing the Bible by heart would be helpful, if y’all can keep your composure during panic modes.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.




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