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20221014-21259. https///youtu.be/ApfBvkql0lI

I wish we could leave california now! Nice voice range, hilarious sketch.

Yeah ever since I moved to Commie state, I never did make “real” friends as I was, how did the podcaster put it, shy!

That’s correct! I’m shy and introverted and I do NOT care anymore!

I can’t evangelize without stumbling over my words – a stumbling block, like writer’s block, only it’s speaker’s block, if there is such a thingy!

Yeah, so while I would have loved to have called on Telegram, I do NOT think disclosing my phone number would have been wise.

Plus, I have the distain of having my voice recorded for whatever reason and kept on someone else’s computer.

Y’all know, like “right to privacy”, NOT that it’s never truly 100 percent NOT public. But y’all now what I mean.

Yeah, so having lots of unknown spooky spook listening to a voiceless face is just as bad as showing one’s face, NOT unless y’all are reptilian and/or narcissistic enough to publicize everything online!

Which brings me to another point: I-AM NOT that cousin online. I look like-a Chinese – slanted eyes and pale skinned – NOT black or brown. None of that, okay?

Yeah, so I don’t fit into this state. I can’t belong to my kind because I do NOT look brown or black enough and I certainly can’t hang out with Orientals because THEY are heck of prejudice once THEY find out I don’t speak with accent!

So I need to move to where I’m in-between species or racial identity. Hilarious but pathetic. I can’t get along and I-AM certainly NOT extroverted. Plus, I don’t smoke; so smokers smell stinky!

Just saying. FlynnsPaws.





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