Watching football

20221124-1912. The punter made a VERY RARE touchdown! My younger brother and elderly father and I are watching.

Lunch was Filipino food which the Twit Wifey refused to eat due to no-meat new moon stuff. I told her twice: you’re excused. But she waited for my younger brother’s permission.

I was VERY upset at his complaint about her refusing to eat with us and her bad driving and almost causing a motorcycle accident and blaming him for alerting her.

She left and probably overheard my complaint about her through the opened front door. My bad! But as an elder sister I was pissed off. Divorce is good but probably unlikely.

Drank two brews of French pressed whole bean coffee dark roasted. But I still feel relaxed with my heart Rx. Cleanup was normal. But I was still yakking outta control until watching football game.

So how is your reality? Mine is still full of imagination, interpretation, impression, opinions!

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.





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