Pause. Repent. Reflect.



Just Me

Just Me 20090805

What is my world but only me?

Walking upon land, just the trees and grass. No birds or bee or flowers. To lie down and rest. Silent but the winds.

Even the seas, just the water and shore. No whales or fish or crabs. To lie down and rest. Silent but the waves.

Welcome Wanderer

Random Thought 20080128

Welcome! Oh, ye Wandering_Star! Expressing love though near or far Good friendships maintained of strangers find A simple SMILE of any kind

Sinful Stuff

Victims Victory 20070922

I am a winner! Victory is mine! I did what’s best for me and not for you. I did all you asked of me – a user.

You are a loser! Victimhood is yours! You did what’s best for all and not for me. You did all they asked of you – a sinner.

Which ball is correct – the ping or the pong? Am I always right and you always wrong? Is bigger better while harder is strong?

Like a butterfly drawn to tasty sweets, she blindly flies into her handler’s shits. All the post signs say, ‘Stop and be careful’!

You can’t stop me now as I fly away! No more beating, cheating or coveting. The Dark Ones taught me well: ‘You can’t hurt me.’

Anymore… Now I see a different light. That our love doesn’t always conquer all – Except the free will to love ourselves more.

Post Script:

I will love you no matter what happens.

[I will love you!]

I will be with you through faces of death.

[I will be with you!]

I will keep you alive though my heart aches.

[I will keep you!]

God’s Glory

Blessed Realm 20070505

God loves to discriminate. Egg first then chicken debate Fleece white snow or gray slate Set her curves against his straight. Religious dogmas and state Childlike mind to old fart rate Nature and nurture create

God loves to recriminate. Breaking the covenant’s crate Anger, jealousy and hate Idol worship desecrate Steal or kill in dire strait So hard to find a good date Trespass through the pearly gate

God loves to retaliate. Matters by atomic weight With hook, line, sinker and bait False hope by ‘lying’ and wait Communication debate Harming nature mutilate Free-will commingled with fate

God loves to reciprocate. Concept of the weightless state Nothingness in figure eight Inward – a quiet sedate Thoughtful sounds of plucking trait Unity and procreate Eternal truths loving mate

Opening Eyeballs

Sleepy Eye 20070807

Mid-morning nap, a gray filled day Cannot get up until they pay Feeling bored with nothing to do Darkened swirls of purple and blue

Third eye chakra opening up Silent musing measuring cup Filling hope with something so new Darkened swirls of purple and blue

Open of eyes upon my brow Faith believing opinions sow Always comparing selfish view Darkened swirls of purple and blue

Sharing truths neither wrong nor lies Try to de-compartmentalize Squooshing eyeballs something to chew Darkened swirls of purple and blue


First Philosophy

Best Friend 20080131

Who is my best friend? I have many but only one. My teacher is myself.

How are you my best friend? I am always there for you. Then you are my tick.

Why are you my best friend? I am always true. Verily, I say.


Singing of Saintly Praises

Guardian’s Smile 20080601

Thank you St. Michael and pals abound; A mother’s prayer of leaps and bound; A sunny boy and his tearful words; Thoughts unfurling like flying birds;

Oh blessed mother and sacred heart; Never let us be apart.

Always learning how to be a man; Stand up strong the best he can; Always thinking, day and night; Love unending, no more fight;

Oh blessed mother and sacred heart; Never let us be apart.

Remember mother, how she has taught; Remember father, how he has wrought; By their blood, sweat and tears; Faith and hope for many years;

Oh blessed mother and sacred heart; Never let us be apart.

Second Philosophy

Mirror Ourselves 20060331

There are two tests for both sides of this one mirror. The tests are designed to show which side is clearer. One test teaches the student to internalize; while one is for the master to externalize.

The student asks: ”I need your help. What should I do?” The student waited as his anxiety grew. The teacher said: ”You have the answers. Why ask me?” The student realizes that this is the key.

The eternal question has been: Which side is correct? The path for each one is to unite and connect.

Hallelujah – Right On!

Right On 20070702

Sit at the right hand Of the Father by the Sun The Holy Spirit Blessed be his woman kind All done and said, you’re all mine!

Good News – Trusting in Faith

Trust Faith 20070324

Faith is here and there. Believe in your own prayer. Always be aware. Love does not judge or compare. Let your fears and hate beware.

Find a place to start And make the most from your chart Inside your own heart. Think of being a small part. Hope to learn of your love art.

Trust in me and you. Rely on our whirled peas view. Understand the new. Study the old and review. Try mixing a different crew.

Professing Faith

Four Corners 20070105

We believe we’re God, the One and the same. We exist alone for this whirled-peas game. We believe we’re God, like many others. We’re not alone and at peace with brothers.

I believe I’m God, the One and the same. I exist alone in this whirled-whore shame. I believe I’m God. And there are others. I’m not alone and at war with brothers.

Analogy of the Faithful

Iron Faith 20061028

Faith is like iron. Attracts love like a strong magnet Silver-white but rusts


Revelation of Two Gifts

What is Truth?

Truth tickles. It makes me laugh. It makes me laugh more. It is the biggest joke.

Truth tickles 20061016


What is water?

H2O. Two parts hydrogen. One part oxygen. Makes water.

Water Molecules 20061016


Bearing Within A Gift

Bearing Gifts 20051222

A gift of your seed from the right hand of Father has been well received for the sake of our dear Mother. Remember to love each other.

Egoistic Slayer

I’m here with you and in your hearts. I’ll give you more in several parts. It is right to create in blessed arts.

Preface of God’s Light

Fairly Balanced 20070903

You are the Vessel of my Light Supplying Love by leaps and bound You are my Keeper that won’t lie Forever Blocking out the Dark

I know our worlds will stop this sinning Though I’ve cried for You my happy tears And when my thought of Love is pending My mind will always wish away Your fears

You are the Vessel of my Light Supplying Love by leaps and bound You are my Keeper that won’t lie Forever Blocking out the Dark

You must have been my One and Only! Because You welcomed my ‘Thank You’! And I know that You’re with me again! My Love for You is like a dream come true!

You are the Vessel of my Light Supplying Love by leaps and bound You are my Keeper that won’t lie Forever Blocking out the Dark

Holy! Hallelujah!

[Background] Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Holy! Holy!

Praise to the Fallen

Fallenda Be 20060720

I: Woe to the fallen angel whose hopes and dreams went to hell. Lonely cries were never heard from her dark corner occurred. Pressure to bear was too much on broken wings, pained to touch.

II: Praise to the fallen angel who bade her heartaches farewell. One brave soul answered her call and rode her to beg and crawl – destined to be a succor and always be the sucker.

III: Welcome! Oh, fallen angel into the fiery pit dwell. Perish in eternal flame where darkened souls writhe in shame. Remember her painful seeds where bloody salvation feeds.

Rescue Mission of the Lost Souls

Holy Home 20070419

Rescue them from death Secure us from fear’s darkness Cure one from hatred Shun me from Omega’s sin Lone secret and immortal

With a Will and True Light Before the break of dawn’s flight Rest of peas a night Square sun spins faster with might Snip of dead branches of plight

The Internal Savior

Internal Savior 20070802

Religion is an illusion: The deceiver of grand delusion. It’s mankind’s greatest confusion.

Within the box of beautified walls, masses congregate. With great pomp and veiled circumstances, people celebrate: Where heralded angels and saints assemble to jubilate.

Abba, Allah, Amon-Ra Buddha, Krishna, Yeshuah Brahma, Shiva, Vaishnah

Alpha, Omega Mazda Ahurah Jahweh, Aloha

Kami, M-wari Eng-Kai, Trinity Shang-Ti, Deity

Epitaph – Memorial

Epitaph – Memorial
A Microsoft clipart image of a monument with bats against a black background.

Flynn’s Monument

In memory of Fur-Rin-Duh-San!

Laughed out loud and died from fun!

Elegy – Memorial

Elegy – Memorial

Always remember come late December to think about love and life. Remember to pray, each and everyday, to overcome your daily strife.

Invite pure light that never fails to cure your lonely heart. Never fail to hope but know you’re positive works of art!

You’ve read my words and heard my thoughts: Now it’s time to start. Share with me your creative soul Unless we now must part.

Hurry anon but still be here To know what else is rife Unless I shriek or send a howl My ghostly voice will ~EEK~ a fife!

For My Love

A Flushing Back 20060812

I flushed you back to your watery ways. Love is greater than whatever I paid. I failed to continue. I was afraid. Connection was compatible but a sad haze. I could not express my truth. As I gaze into the warmth of the sunshine, I prayed. The event horizon has become my shade against the darkness in the coming days.

Without your first contact of a fifth kind, my thought of being alone has fled away. I’d look up to the sky on any gray day and found your reality in my mind. My thoughts of you were never far behind. Your pleasant dreams are where I will convey. I won’t wake you up. I had to obey. Our true love has been compliantly blind.

For My Death

Dried Flowers 20060709

Where are my flowers you cold hearted cad? It’s been over two weeks and now I’m mad. My heart is broken and I’m feeling sad. May I rest in peace and hope you are glad.

My flowers are missing or may be lost. I dreamt of green flowers and white flake frost. Please be aware it’s my heart that you cost. May I rest in peace; my feelings were tossed.

Flowers you meant to send have not arrived. Your poems for now is what made me thrived. My unhappy heart has left me deprived. I’m six feet under knowing I survived.

In Communication with the Angels

Guardian’s Smile 20080601

Angel of death and angel of mercy show unto my kindred folks the angel of fun.

Fighting and fun are not the same. Finding lost love is not the game.

There is no blame. There is no shame.

Angle of fun is of the sun that warms the planet with its four golden sons.

In Praise of Flynn

Falling Brat 20080121

When you take a fall and remember naught No pain or bruises or injury brought Remember well I’m thinking of you Love from One equals two

Do not deny me, don’t push me away I’m here to protect you just only say I love and thank you for what you’ve done One day we’ll meet under the sun


Oh, Lordy!

Oath Groats 20080613

Oaths to fulfill: Please do not kill! My hopes and dreams of fun time thrill; Prayers of faith, belonging to none; I promised to God ‘Thy’ will be done.

On earth is yours and heaven is mine. Please help me out! Give me a sign. To spread your seeds of love about, And bring forth those with shreds of doubt.

You promised me and assured my trust. Abandoned fear, betrayed to dust. Test me not, beyond my soul. Will you help fulfill my role?

Signs of Smiles

And Smile 20071124

I’ll smile But only for awhile Until I walk that extra mile For you

Goodbye Until we meet again It’s not fair to let you go Dammit!

Lamb sakes!

For Lamb’s sake, you’ve got to be kidding: give me a break! For Lamb’s sake, you’ve got to be kidding: give me a break! For Lamb’s sake, you’ve got to be kidding: give us LIBERTY!


These thoughts are mine and take away your breath. Gladness is for those who listen to my thoughts.

Whatever you say!

Angels Communicating

Angel Messengers 20070610

Be not afraid. We have always loved you. Don’t feel betrayed. We have always been true. Angels have prayed. To send God’s love anew.

Angels Sharing

Sun Angels

Two angles, two trumpets, one sun portal.

Angels are real.

Yes they are!

Don’t have to look very far.

Somehow and everywhere:

They’re here with you

or in the air.

Keep looking

and maybe you’ll find

an angel that’s kind

in me and you.



“I’m not fat, I’m fluffly”!

(Mexican comedian Gabriel ‘Picachu’ Iglesias)


I’m here with you and also in thought. May you be blessed with what I’ve taught:


Class dismissed

Don’t go to piece even though we’re done. Do go and serve by having fun:

Thank you once again.