Woo hoo can view site now

20221104-2028. I’m blogging from Jetpack Website Builder mobile app! This is good for self-hosted site like mine. This works for domains that are connected to WordPress.com free site account BUT still registered with an external provider!

I can also view my combo blog/rants with my KJV Bible and it’s randomizer! I couldn’t view my site or use the Bible verse randomizer using the WordPress mobile app!

But with Jetpack mobile app, I can still have two sites/dashboards and still decide to go full transfer out domain or just connect domain until I figure out stuff.

The reason for using my domain with the free site is because of the fully managed backup and security features of Jetpack. If I stayed with the basic Jetpack already installed for my self-hosted platform and since I couldn’t get past the first step of technical troubleshooting for installing the same Jetpack features but as a paid upgrade, I would be too paranoid without my backups AND security by Jetpack!

Plus, I get to fill out or answer these daily “one day” prompted that I so sorely missed from the self-hosted platform. Now I can blog daily by answering in short form instead of my usual long-read drivel of mostly nonsense/emotional unloading.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.




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