WordPress.com login feature

20221020-0006. Welp, I’ve discovered something new!

When using the WordPress mobile app for iOS (in my case) and since I had the WordPress.com login feature via Jetpack > Dashboard > Security toggled off, I could NOT view my site under the login credentials for both my self-hosted site (tied in with a different WordPress.com account) and my full-service site (also tied in with a different WordPress.com account)!

And since my big brain is still smart, I decided to toggle the WordPress.com login feature back on. Lo and behold, I am able to view my beautiful Dark Theme site! Woo! Hoo!

Everything seems to line up for the mobile preview, in which the two columns are responsive: the first/left column containing my query loop > post excerpts and the second/right column column containing my listed customized links, followed by the footer in which the second paragraph is wrapped around to the second line: I’m gonna have to change the typography size default to S for small!

That’s all. FlynnsPaws.





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