Just another FlynnsBlogs site Logout

So I’m wondering why the WordPress app for iOS shows logout!

I thought the WordPress app for iOS applies to self-hosted sites, too. I’m confused why I’m able to blog using this app. No matter.

At least I’ve gotten the Jetpack still to include the essentials, such as social media sharing, notifications, and my most prized addiction: stats!

Unfortunately, I only had one view since transferring out my domain back to the original host.

Since switching to self-hosting using, I’ve gotten error messages and strange black pages.

Being that I’m NOT a web master or database manager, I’m simply happy to blog stuff without all that fancy SEO, marketing stuff.

Now I know I’m NOT that “popular” and that perhaps bots are driving fake viewership.

I noticed, too, that followers are nonexistent through my self-hosted compared to parking my stuff at since 2006 whenever.

I often wonder if YouTube views, for example, are mostly selfish BOTS which cater only those creators who are loud and scream profanity and who sellout to sponsorships – to survive in a market and make a few bucks versus for entertainment only like REAL footages that catches the attention of spooky agents.

Like I said, this time nonexistent BOT readers can read my full posts whereas in the past I’ve almost always set my feeds to excerpts, forcing fake readers to “read more”.

Yeah so I’m NOT going back to the free version. As long as this open source project continues to improve, there’s nothing else to add or report.

That’s all. FlynnsPaws. 20220921-0442.